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Play Playing With Fire 2 on Dominator Games! You have lost your mates, you’re on your own. The local neighborhood gang is hunting you down. Blast your way to them before they kill you! Instructions: Aim of the game – Blow up your opponents before they kill you. You only have 3 minutes to do this so don’t hang around! All players now have 3 lives so you have to kill everyone 3 times to win the heat. You can play a two player game with your friends or just to play against the computer opponents. You can choose either 1, 2 or 3 opponents. Tip: You will score more if you take on more opponents. Control keys: Player 1: Use [ARROW KEYS] to MOVE and [;] to LAY BOMBS. Player 2: Use [WASD] to MOVE and [\] to LAY BOMBS. Scoring: You will play three games against selected opponents. If you win a game you will score the number of seconds remaining multiplied by 250, times the number of opponents in the game. If you lose a game then you will lose the same amount of points. Your score must be higher than zero to be submitted.