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Pogo-sticks, gum drops, precious coins, and a fairytale world are all discovered in Gum Drop Hop 3. The natural intensity of the game is discovered the second that one begins! Due to the upbeat nature of the music one will feel the desire to pursue on and advance within Gum Drop Hop 3. The one underlying theme that is evident in this game is pure excitement! Although playful in nature, it is certainly fun to be a part of and would keep an attention span for a long period of time! Gum Drop Hop 3 has an excellent variety of challenges and graphics that do a phenomenal job of keeping the gamer wanting more.

The music is ideal for Gum Drop Hop 3. It is upbeat and exciting, yet not overbearing. That can often be a complicated combination to find. It is almost as if DJ Tiesto has jumped into the Gum Drop land! The constant momentum of the beat also connects well with the pace and speed of the game. This would certainly not be a game that one would ever want to play without the music present. If so, one would lose the feel and excitement of the pace of Gum Drop Hop 3.

The graphics for Gum Drop Hop 3 seem to be perfect for the image that is trying to be created. The colors are vibrant, amusing, and a perfect intensity. One will find the graphics to be one of the more inviting parts for this game. It is a screen that one will look at and immediately be drawn in. The graphics have a great understanding of knowing that the game is indeed fun and playful and the graphics do a great job of illustrating this. For games of a like capacity, one will find the graphics for Gum Drop Hop 3 to be more vivid and imaginary.

The gameplay is simple across the board. There is almost no complicated element to operating Gum Drop Hop 3. The only part that can be slightly tricky initially is understanding the speed and jumping. Although the game does a great job of making it realistic, it can be challenging from a control standpoint. Once the gamer gets a handle on this element everything else is easier. There are occasional obstacles and obstructions along the way. The pogo-stick is a nice addition as it gives one the opportunity to go higher and further. Any chance to better one’s character is always a positive addition. The gameplay in general makes Gum Drop Hop 3 fun and exciting!

In closing, Gum Drop Hop 3 is ideal for anyone looking for pure enjoyment and fun! This game will allow one to explore every nuance of the gumdrop world. It will keep one purely entertained and instill a desire to play repeatedly. Take the time to enjoy the graphics, music, gameplay, and overall experience of Gum Drop 3. This game will provide hours of enjoyment and an opportunity for one to find a passion of gumdrops they did not know existed! Bring out the inner-gum drop and enjoy! Play on Dominator Games!