Dominator Games Plays 9



Take an old style Atari race car game with some updated color graphics and you will have a little taste of what Crazy Taxi is all about. Add the ability to jump over other cars and it makes the race track a whole new level of playing. The colors are vibrant and stand out enough so you know which cars you need to move around.

Not sure as to why the title is Crazy Taxi as you don’t pick up any passengers and your car barely looks like a cab, although you only see the back side of it anyway. You don’t drop off anyone or go to any particular destination either. The cab driver aspect is not really necessary, but don’t let that stop you from trying out the game.

Your object seems to be to drive as fast as you can and maneuver around the other cars along the road. Sometimes those other cars happen to be 3 across, completely blocking you from changing lanes and getting around them. This is where the jump option comes in handy as you can literally jump over other cars to continue your journey.

The controls for the game are pretty simple. The up and down arrows are used to control your speed. Up arrow will increase the speed and the down arrow will decrease the speed. The right and left arrows are used to change lanes, left and right. The spacebar is used to jump over other cars. If you hit a car instead of damage or an automatic game over, it just slows you down. And then you will be stuck behind that car. In order to get past that little mishap, you will need to slow down your speed to get some distance, then increase the speed again in order to be able to make the jump.

As you go through what can only be described as a race you will pass a pole that will reset your timer to the next level. Enjoy your race in Crazy Taxi. Play for free on Dominator Games!